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outdoor wireless security alarm Luanda

Main Features: Adopt GSM Cellular Network & Telephoneline Network For Alarm Transmission. With LCD Screen displays Date, Day of the week, Time, and current Armed Status, build-in Touch keypad Supported Languages: Simple Chinese Traditional Chinese English German French Russian and more. 29 wireless zones (Each zone supports up to 4 sensors) and 2 dedicated zones for remotes (Supports up to 4 remotes or wireless keypads per zone) 8 more wired zones (Each zone supports 1 wired sensor) Can dial up to 5 phone numbers in sequence, 5 SMS mobilephone numbers. Call and SMS both are compatiable with ADEMCO Contact ID. Arm Disarm the system by: Main Host(Keypad), Wireless Keypad, Keychain Remotes, or even remotely by phones. Check doorwindow status automatically (This is when the system is disarmed only, if a door is opened, it will sound fast "bi bi bi") Support wireless "ding-dong" doorbell function (need to buy extra doorbell from us) Non-volatile chip, information stored automatically when off power Record up to a 10 second voice message, When alarm is triggered, it will automatically auto play the voice message over the phone. Alarm Sounds if Phone Line is Cut Remembers programming settings when power is disconnected Available in both ACDC with Low-voltage Indicators. Learn sensors to alarm host panel, very easy operation. Supports Door. Window. Motion. Smoke. Heat. Glass Break. Gas Leak. Carbon Monoxide Detector. etc. Support ADEMCO Contact ID, can connect to CMS (Central Monitoring Station). Store 100 alarm records and 100 armdisarm information.[link text][1] [1]:
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